Online Group Course


“Essential Qigong-Sound Healing for Healthy Immunity and Resilience” Classes

Saturdays weekly: 4 July- 22 August 2020 at 9.20-10.30am

What’s unique about this course?

Eight “Live” Healthy Immunity Qigong Classes, every week, taught by Andrea

  • I will teach you each of the exercises and watch that everyone is doing it correctly
  • We will start every live group class, with a powerful, mini group “healthy immunity meditation” to amplify our intention for a “healthy, fulfilled, abundant long life” (when several are gathered together with the same focus, its very powerful and magnetic).
  • Every “live class” will include visual slides, and practical Qigong exercises to optimise your learning with more ease (using all three types of learning: visual, kinaesthetic and auditory)
  • Questions and answers, and chinese tea at the end of the class (to nourish your Qi)


Building healthy immunity and resilience every day at home…

  • Videos (four video package)- including step-by-step Qigong exercise routine (showing the breathing as well) so you can easily follow along
  • Powerful “healthy immunity meditation”- to record on to your phone and listen to every day, or several times per day, if you get mindset wobbles, or feel overwhelmed, tired, run down, depleted by others stresses etc.  This will help you get back on track and moving forward again.
  • Healthy Immunity Daily checklist – to tick off to ensure you have taken care of the most essential things for healthy immunity everyday

“I trust Andrea to guide me through what my body and mind needs through the learnings of Qigong in particular, with all the world changes at the moment.   I benefited from her curiosity enthusiasm, and belief in what discovers from working with students, and her teachers and masters. Centering myself though her light heartedness and knowledge guidance in Qigong. Thankyou Andrea.”

– Rosslyn Baynes

“My top challenge was my health.  After this Qigong course with Andrea, my health and my ability to be calm improved.”

– Louis Dooner, Music teacher

You will learn an Essential Qigong-Sound Healing routine, which includes;

“25-35 minute Qigong Healthy Immunity and Resilience” morning routine:


  • *3 minute Qigong WarmUp Exercises– Body Tapping (for clearing congestion and stress, releasing joints, moving Qi and energy through the body)
  • *“Andrea’s 5 minute Essential Qigong Immune-Energiser” exclusively taught by Andrea Sun, and created collaboratively to support you during this coronavirus time by strengthening the 5 chinese medicine organ systems for healthy immunity and resilience (including lungs, adrenal and kidney qi), self massage for self isolation, boosting your immunity, energy, nourishing your blood, brain and emotional health, and so much more…
  • 10-20 minute “Meditative Movement” routine: 18 Health Giving Qigong Exercises from the Shanghai Qigong Research Institute. This  balances all 14  main channels in the body for optimal health, energy and immunity.
  •  7 minute Qigong Emotional Balancer– Sound Healing for clearing and balancing fear, frustration, anger and excess joy
  • Building Qi (Vital Life Force) and energy in your body


PLUS additional support during the day (as you need it)…

  • Qigong Walking for rejuvenating the whole body (which stimulates the kidney channel, strengthening stability, courage and longevity, and discharges stagnant energy from the body).
  • If your energy slumps, or you pick up on stress from others, or you need to strengthen your immunity before going to public places, you can do “Andrea’s 5 minute Essential Qigong Immune-Energiser”
  • If you experience emotional ups and downs, or fear or frustration arising, you can do the 7 minute Qigong Emotional Balancer, to clear this, stabilise emotionally and move forward again.
Andrea Sun

The tangible outcomes for you…  

(with ongoing daily, focused practice)

  • strengthened health, immunity and resilience
  • Improved ability to meditate and tune within
  • improved mind focus, clear thinking and intuitive clarity
  • more calm and emotional balance (helping transform fear, anger, excess joy)
  • improved overall physical, mental and emotional health and energy- by balancing all 14 main channels through the body
  • improved breathing
  • soothing your nervous system
  • improved joint mobility, strength in your legs and balance



Choose from these 2 packages…

“Standard Package” includes:

 8 Live Healthy Immunity Classes

4 Qigong Videos to follow along with

Healthy Immunity Meditation

Healthy Immunity daily checklist



COVID-19 Special: Only $118

(in exchange for your feedback and testimonial (if you feel comfortable)

(valued at $214, save $96)




2x payments of only $64 each

pay $64 deposit on link below


“Optimal Results” Package includes:

8 Live Healthy Immunity Classes

4 Qigong Videos to follow along with

Healthy Immunity Meditation

Healthy Immunity daily checklist




3 x 60 minute One-on-one Healthy Immunity Coaching (or Healing sessions) depending on what you need, with Andrea.

Your first appointment includes: an overview of your medical history,                                    your top 3 challenges, and your healthy immunity goal for this course.



COVID-19 Special: Only $488

(in exchange for your feedback, and testimonial if you feel comfortable)

(valued at $679, save $191)




3x payments of only $179 each

                                                 Pay $179 deposit on link below