FREE Online Introductory Qigong

Introductory Qigong for Optimal Performance & Health PRACTICAL class

How to maintain your consistent focus throughout the day and accelerate your results, even if you struggle to meditate

Tuesday 21 July 6.50-8am (AEST Brisbane time)

In this free introductory class, you will learn: 

  • The secret to creating a peaceful mindset without having to sit and meditate on a pillow every 3 hours.
  • How to create a peaceful mindset, even if you normally have a hundred thoughts flurrying through your head.
  • How to help your clients through their challenges without getting drained by their problems.
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The reason why you struggle is because your energy is all out of alignment, and you are looking at shiny objects, getting distracted by negative thoughts or old limiting stories. Or when things don’t work as planned, you may get stuck in frustration, fear or start to doubt yourself and question if you are going in the right direction.

Here’s the thing, and what you may not realise is, that unless your mind, heart and body are in alignment with your business and personal values, there’s going to be a mis-alignment, and it doesn’t matter how much action you take or how hard you work, you are not going to get the optimal results you would love.

When you DO start to bring your energy and health into alignment, then this is when you will gain more intuitive knowing, be more productive, take aligned action, accelerate your results and become more magnetic to your ideal clients.

I’d love to show you how to do that with my 25 minute Essential Qigong routine.

This powerful practice will help you align your mind, breath and body to work together so you start every single morning at your best.

Imagine building more Optimal Performance, by starting every morning with a 25minute Qigong routine, that looks after your mindset, health and energy first! You will feel energised, focused, calm and with a peaceful mind, and at your best, followed by…

  • 8-9am – nourishing energy building breakfast
  • 9-11am – complete your 3x most important tasks of the day, like planning or creating videos , meditations or content, while you are at your optimal productivity time.
  • 11am onwards – client appointments, work and lunch
  • Afternoon – computer break and rejuvenating Qigong walk in the sunshine.
  • Or if you start to experience fear or frustration then you do a 5 minute Qigong emotional balancer to clear this.
  • Or if your energy slumps or before you go to public places, just do Andrea’s 5 minute Essential Qigong Immune-Energiser to boost your immunity and energy.
  • If you experience mindset wobbles or negative thoughts during the day, then you can stop and listen to my Optimal Performance Meditation, to get back to a high vibe abundant mindset, before continuing with inspired action. After listening to Andrea’s Optimal Performance Meditation (which I intuitively created for her), Dr Shara Downey went from overwhelm, to doubling her business results (with half the effort).

Qigong = means “working with your Vital Life Force” – and supports your physical, mental and emotional health, vitality, joint mobility, longevity and optimal performance.  It’s a 5000yr old powerful ancient health exercise from China.  Qigong is like a powerful “meditative movement”, that aligns your mind, breath and body.

Lets “kick start” your business-work week…

You are going to be more grounded, strong, confident, embodied, high vibe and stabilise your nervous system.

And step up as CEO of your business, with more consistent focus and magnetism, taking more inspired action and quantum leap your results (instead of going round in circles, procrastinating for the next few months)…

You will learn:

  • 2 minute Essential Qigong Immune-Energiser (you can do right away)
  • Qigong Sound Healing- to feel the Qi in your body
  • How Qigong improves your consistent focus and accelerates your results
  • Why your business income can drop, if you aren’t taking care of your energy?
  • Why doing Qigong everyday is essential for optimal performance with your clients?
  • How Qigong builds vitality, strength, clears mental and emotional fears and frustration
  • How Shara went from overwhelm, to doubling her business results (with half the effort)

Tuesday 21 July 6.50-8am AEST Brisbane time

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I can’t wait to support your Optimal Performance & Health!

Andrea Sun