Are you OVER the

manifesting roller coaster cycle?

You have had MANY SUCCESSES manifesting many things before.

Like money, clients, jobs, freebies, holidays, relationships and much more…

using the law of attraction, Abraham Hicks or law of assumption manifesting techniques.

You get really excited and things are good for a while,

and then doubt creeps in, your mind is busy, your high vibration energy drops.

 You swing from doubt-confidence, doubt-confidence and doubt-confidence in business and your personal life.

These mindset wobbles and emotional ups and downs

 stress your nervous system,

deplete your sleep, confidence, trust, energy and health.

Perhaps even old health issues flare up too.

 You are OVER this.

You are ready to

BREAK FREE from the manifesting roller coaster to

more manifesting ease, emotional stability and sustainability.

I can help.



      Have you been struggling to manifest

      more consistent health and energy ?




I am an Intuitive Manifesting Coach,

Sustainable Business Coach,

Qigong Trainer and Acupuncturist


My super power is my “intuitive knowing”.

I “get you”.

I specialise in “embodied” manifesting (using the law of assumption).

Embodied manifesting is mind, heart and body alignment to your True Self,

for sustainable business and life success

with more magnetism, confidence, fun and ease!

Choose YOUR own

magnetic life adventure…

(with more confidence, fullfillment, sustainability, fun and ease!)

Lisa’s son recovered from COVID-19 in 5 days, and she achieved her work productivity and health goals in 11 days…
My son recently contracted COVID-19 from overseas and was one of the early diagnosed cases of COVID-19 in Brisbane. As you can imagine it was a stressful time for our family and there were a number of early interventions and steps that we had to undertake to keep our son and ourselves safe from the virus during this time, whilst living in isolation and quarantined conditions.

In consultation with health professional Andrea Sun a “Coronavirus- Holistic Health Immunity Plan” was designed to support me to overcome my challenges and meet my goals.

My main challenges were: feeling overwhelmed, tired, having difficulty sleeping properly (especially with the coronavirus news on TV), meeting urgent work deadlines and having to move work premises due to the Coronavirus, worry about my son’s health and supporting his recovery, anxiety about my family’s health and their financial security due to loss of income. Ultimately a fear of unknown and stressful factors in unprecedented times!

However, Andrea’s daily health coaching immune support, which consisted of 8x one-on-one online sessions, over an 11 day period where clear goals were set, including establishing good sleep patterns and eating regular nourishing immune-boosting meals to promote health and wellbeing for my son and my family, was integral in reinforcing structure in my daily practice to create a sense of well-being, essential for my nervous system to feel safe and supported.

The key practices that supported me during this time were: the Earth Meditation that Andrea combined with customised visualisations and sound healing, Qigong practices to support immunity, and health coaching, which utilised clearly defined goals to further promote and strengthen wellbeing on all levels when fear and isolation threatened clear thinking.  

Andrea’s practical customised approach, compassionate listening and focused direction, summoned my own internal restorative healing capabilities, which supported me to relax, rejuvenate, feel nourished, healthier, and trust that we would all get through this, invoked a deeper level of internal balance and calm. 

Andrea’s intuitive guidance and focused practice methods, were key factors in promoting preventative health care measures to support my immune system and nervous system through this extremely challenging period and beyond.  

After 11 days, I achieved all of my goals, most areas of my life improved considerably, including my son’s recovery, 8 hours good sleep every night, improved healthy immunity and energy, and more productivity at work and confidence about meeting work deadlines.

I cannot emphasise enough the value in Andrea’s daily treatment methods.  I believe that the daily practices were key to our son’s speedy recovery and our not contracting the virus due to our strengthened immune system. 

Thank you Andrea for your compassionate focus and support during such a stressful and challenging time.

In gratitude and appreciation
Counsellor, Brisbane