Free Online: Introductory Qigong Healthy Immunity PRACTICAL Class

How to strengthen your health, immunity and focus in

8 weeks (consistently, even during changing COVID19 times)

Saturday 4 July 9.20-10.30am (AEST Brisbane time)

In this free webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to be more balanced and flexible at work, even if its challenging and changing
  • How to strengthen your healthy immunity and breathing, even if it has been compromised in the past
  • How to maintain your healthy mindset, even if you are feeling a bit scared and in self-isolation
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What you need to understand is, that no matter how much healthy food you eat and how much you exercise, your healthy immunity is dependent on maintaining your mental, physical and emotional health consistently every day, especially during these changing COVID19 times.

Imagine doing a 25 minute Qigong routine every morning, that strengthens your healthy immunity, mindset and energy first, before going to work or going out shopping and seeing your family and friends.

And imagine after doing your Qigong, you are feeling a strengthened immunity, more energised, your breathing is more smooth and slow, and you feel more calm and balanced, ready to start your day. And then later in the day, if your energy drops at work, you do a quick 5 minute Qigong immune-energiser in your tea break, to boost your energy. Or if you listen to the news about COVID19, and you become more anxious or fearful , you do a quick 5 minute Qigong Emotional Balancer to clear fear, anger or frustration.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health exercise dating back 5000yrs ago in China. It strengthens your physical, mental and emotional health, and your immunity, joint flexibility, mobility and longevity.


You will learn about how Qigong can help you:

  • Be more balanced and flexible at work, even if its challenging and changing
  • Strengthen your healthy immunity and breathing, even if it has been compromised in the past
  • Maintain your healthy mindset, even if you are feeling a bit scared of all the changes or in self-isolation
  • Improve your strength, breathing and joint mobility
  • Align your mind, breath and body to work together, leading to improved health, energy and focus.


Plus, you will all have a practical experience of qigong:

  • a “mini” “2.5 minute Essential Qigong WarmUps and Immune- Energiser” exercise that I taught a client of mine, Lisa, to help her and her son during a very stressful time, when he got the Coronavirus and she had major work transitions and deadlines. He recovered from the virus after 5 days, and she achieved all of her work and health goals after eight one-on-one coaching sessions with me.
  • simple qigong breathing to help you build Qi and energy that anyone can do
  • simple Qigong sound healing that calms your nervous system

Plus, we will end with a powerful group meditation “healthy optimal immunity” for everyone on the call, so you can start your day feeling healthier, energised and focused….

Want to join in on the fun lovely?

“My healthy immunity improved by 75% in 8 weeks!

My top challenges were the strength of my muscles and my breathing. I tend to get breathless. My kidneys as well as my immune system are compromised so they need help. The benefits I received were: focus on intention, body awareness and deep meditation. It feels really strengthening to my immune system. My breathing is more smooth, slow and soft now and I can feel more control in that area. I found a way to meditate that my body enjoys and is part of.

The course was well taught by Andrea. You can tell she has experience teaching to beginners. There were also very good visuals and learning was paced effectively. Highly recommended.”

– Jennifer Warner, retired teacher

“I trust Andrea to guide me through what my body and mind needs through the learnings of Qigong in particular, with all the world changes at the moment.   I benefited from her curiosity enthusiasm, and belief in what discovers from working with students, and her teachers and masters. Centring myself though her light heartedness and knowledge guidance in Qigong. Thankyou Andrea.”

– Rosslyn Baynes

“My top challenge was my health.  After this Qigong course with Andrea, my health and my ability to be calm improved.”

– Louis Dooner, Music teacher

Tuesday 30 June 9.50-11am  (AEST Brisbane time)

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I can’t wait to support YOU to strengthen your healthy immunity Qi every day!

Andrea Sun