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Jules has a lot more confidence than she’s ever had & knows she CAN do her own business…

“My challenges were direction and confidence”

I had no idea what I wanted to do, and why I was here.


My major benefits were: the holistic purpose & wellness plan, direction and clarity.


What I learnt was, “I am allowed”


My biggest breakthrough was direction and new ideas.

My 90 day goal was to have our business sold/merged. That hasn’t quite got there yet, but I’m confident that will come.


People have been coming to me out of the blue

and wanting me to help them business wise.


One of the good things I got out of it, was what our strengths and weaknesses are.

I was always feeling like I was running around directionless, but now I know a strength is I can multi task.


My results are I’ve got a lot more confidence than I’ve ever had and I CAN do my own business, cause I’m allowed.


I liked the Holistic Purpose & Wellness Plan written down summary, and look at it all the time and what my strengthens are.

I liked the interaction of stories- working in pairs, everybody has a different perspective, and it was an eye opener.

Love the Qi Gong exercises and interested to learn more.


I feel this programe has been 100% beneficial to me in my business & life.


by Jules

PT Business Owner & FT Employee


katrinaI came to see Andrea Sun as my relationship was going through difficulties.  I was feeling uncertain, hurt, mistrust, confusion re direction of the relationship and my 2 kids.  Plus my relationship with my Mum has been quite challenging over many many years.   Plus, I wanted Cashback too!

My biggest breakthrough over the last 13months, has been the way I look at things now. I am able to look at relationships differently and what I do want and what I don’t want.  What has changed, is that I am now starting to believe that things or people will come to me when I will need them.

I had the best holiday with my Mum in 20yrs, and she really enjoyed herself too and was on a bit a high. She passed away 2weeks later on from a chronic heart condition. When she died, I felt no regrets.  I felt sad, but peaceful and felt there was completion for us.

The tangible results I have experienced is financial security and better relationships. I received a gift of $6000, another freehold home and car, and the mortgage is paid out. My husband has benefited too, he has moved out, and feeling capable with his household skills and doing work that he had always wanted.

I am feeling more confident and more happier where my life is going, as before it was a pretty horrible time. There’s a parting through the clouds, where I can see finally where I am going in most areas of my life, with my husband, career & work. I was going to start a personal training business because I HAD to for financial reasons, but now I can do it because I want to.

My body image viewpoint is improving, and l feel a more positive feeling, and am looking at it in a different perspective.

The way I handle stress has changed. I feel more relaxed about what’s going to happen and not trying to control it as much. I have learnt to now enjoy my own company.

As a single mum I have to do it all myself. Previously I had to have someone around to feel good, and now I don’t.

What is unique about Andrea’s sessions is that she helps me look at my situation, differently. She gives me the faith that I can make things happen. lt’s a type of nourishing mentoring, but not telling me what to do. When I committed to the package, it was a pretty horrible time in my life. I was feeling uncertain about how to pay the bills, but I really wanted to improve my life, so I went into trust and faith and decided the money was there and then I received an unexpected $6000 gift from my mother!  Thankyou Andrea.

Self employed Business Owner, Landlord and Lyoness member.

allyI came to see Andrea, because I was feeling stuck. I felt I needed to take life to the next level- financially, emotionally and with my physical health.

Relationships used to be a difficult area in my life before, now it feels people who I need in my life appear easily. If I put out what I want my ideal romantic partner to be… I am happy to see what comes back to me. Or my dream job. I’ve already had so much success. I never really believed I could have a job in my dream field or could support myself fully.

“I felt really blocked, and that I would have to be living off my parents for the rest of my life. I’ll never get a job in my dream field. I’m not an incompetent individual, I got into Oxford University in the UK to do masters. I’m more confident. Now I have an amazing job, great $$$, colleagues are going out of their way to give me extra hours and more money- work is easy, I help people and I like it.

I’m fundamentally on a path to treat myself better than I have ever treated myself before. I’m a very loving person, and found it hard throughout my life to love myself as much as others. Now that I’m more in tune with my own wants and needs, it seems like everything around me is responding to that and to who I really am- nourishing and loving of myself. I’m not perfect, still a long way to go, little differences having a big effect.

I am less anxious, and enjoying life more, and a lot more confident.
I don’t feel stuck in my life any more- mentally got rid of a huge burden- things are flowing
Relationships- just feel closer to people in my life and new people are coming in to my life
Subtle shifts I’ve experienced that are making a cumulative difference

I really like that Andrea customises the treatment to my individual needs. She works with my own intuition a lot. I like to integrate coaching into other modalities, I have never experienced that before eg. Coaching & Acupuncture. It felt like it doubled the experience for me. I’m getting more for my money and time. Andrea is very optimistic, warm, flexible and provides a welcoming environment. She cares. She’s invested in her clients and she’s provides a comfortable environment to make a partnership with me.


petrinaAndrea has helped me get back to the deeper, quieter me. After burntout from years of non-stop teaching, professional work and raising kids, I was struggling to identify with myself and connect with others. I felt overloaded and too busy in my mind. After a few sessions with Andrea I am now feeling centred, calm and tapping into my creative energies. Andrea has supplied me with tools to be able to maintain this and therefore be of better service to myself, my family, friends, clients and students. Thankyou Andrea, Petrina x

Professional Homeopath & Natural Therapy Trainer

test1I have been a client of Andrea Sun’s for a number of years. She has successfully treated my ailments of both physical and emotional. Besides her healing, knowledge and helping people achieve results at the most vulnerable moments in our life journey with compassion and an open heart she has been a god sent.

Having developed arthritis after many years of massaging clients.      It was more than arthritis in my fingers and wrists, it was also my thought patterns which Andrea Sun helped me acknowledge.  She was able to get rid my arthritis within a few months of treatment, the pain the stiffness and the sudden lock up of my fingers were gone.

Then a sudden onset of deafness in my right ear, which is a rare condition, doctor’s and specialists didn’t know much about it. As you can imagine my whole life was turned upside down.  I lost my business and who I was.

I visited Andrea with deafness, vertigo, and depression, thinking of never hearing again. Her healing hands , her heart felt techniques and  the care and compassion she also gave was exactly what I needed to believe and face what needed to be faced, with deafness, depression and loss feeling.

It was going to be a tough journey! Again my thought patterns and conditioning were all wrong and it was time for me to let it all go and pay attention to me.

After the first treatment I had acupuncture, pellowah and coaching, I heard a popping sensation in my deaf ear, but I was still deaf. It wasn’t until the next day i could hear again.

Life has been amazing this day my whole life has turned around significantly, I am more positive and live life to the fullest like it was the last. Fell pretty hard, learnt a lot along the way. I thank you Andrea Sun for never giving up on me not just my physical conditions , my well being on how to shine and keep shinning.

I now have clarity in life to have a successful lifestyle business, enjoying my family and friends to the fullest, taking the negative things out of my life, and I will keep on working on myself on all levels of my being, my experience has opened my eyes wider. You could say I am fully awake. Everything is as it should be now.

Thank you for your professionalism, treatments and support throughout my toughest years as a beautiful spiritual being that you are.

Astrid Rendon
Skin Technician/owner of Skin & You Beauty

I recently had Acupuncture Scar bridging therapy done by Andrea on some old scars dating back 15 years.  The main scar was across my entire stomach and after complaining of always feeling tired, Andrea suggested the therapy to make sure energy flowed freely throughout my body.
Although the acupuncture was painless, I did experience a stitch like sensation that started at the scar and slowly moved upwards during the treatment before disappearing altogether.  In the days following the treatment, I have noticed I felt 60% lighter in my body and more energy flow after, that I believe comes from having the bridging and I look forward to seeing what other changes take place.

Renae Edey