Are you unclear about your direction or purpose?

Or you aren’t sure if you are on the right path.


You have achieved some success already,

But something feels missing & you are procrastinating or unmotivated.


You know you have some unique gifts & brilliance,

but you doubt yourself, and hold yourself back

You know its time to be paid well for your brillance and expertise


You pick up on the stress of others

You are OVER feeling depleted, frustrated or unwell.



bridge with the three pillars

Unsure whats best for you?

Book in for a FREE 15mins free clarity chats….

I have been there.


I was doing this for years and years, and wasted soooo many years getting distracted by shiny objects.

Because I was sensitive with a few open centres in my human design chart, I was living someone elses purpose (as many, many people do). I even had 6 x part-time business & other jobs, while I was doing my main business & rebranded so many times)…..



I can help lovely….


Choose between 2x  One-on-One Offers

1hr Introductory Human Design & Wellness Plan

Xmas Special: Only $99 (normally $155) & cash back

This is a introductory holistic plan to support your sustainable success, satisfaction & wellness throughout your business, work & life.

I will take a brief look at your health symptoms, what symptoms reoccur when you are stressed, and your father & mothers health conditions.

You will learn:

*what human design personality type you are,

*what you were born to do and how you operate best,

*your business, career, life purpose,

*your brillance zone,

*intuitive insight into how to clear  YOUR health issues

*how to optimise your energy,

*how to make clear decisions for YOU.

You will receive:

*PDF of your human design chart

*recording of our zoom call

*my suggested intuitive practical tips

*the next step for your success

Together we will clarify your NEXT intuitive, practical step so you can move forward with inspired action.

PREMIUM Holistic Life Purpose & Wellness Plan

(3hrs/3x appts) only $314 (normally $395) & cashback

This is a transformative, comprehensive, practical, intuitive plan for sustainable success, wellness & fulfilment throughout your business, work & life.
You will learn:
*Your business & authentic life purpose (& how to NOT go off path living other peoples purposes)- 3 x aspects to your purpose: human design, astrology & numerology.
*your unique genius zone,
*your success zone,
*how to clear stress from others,
*intuitive decision making
*optimising your health & energy (from your genetic medical history)

This transformative package will significantly strengthen your Purpose pillar, and support you to magnetise your Soul Tribe and get PAID to do what you love.
This 3 hour package includes:
*75 mins pre-session research/medical history
*3x weekly zoom coaching 1st) 45 mins, 2nd) 30 mins, 3rd) 30 mins
*1x homeplay exercise emailed after your appt to optimise your results
*written pdf summary of your plan (so you can put it on your office wall, to STAY-ON-PURPOSE daily)
*written pdf of your human design chart


Success Stories

My name is Louis Dooner and I am 27 years old. I used to live and breathe the fear of not being good enough, not meeting expectations, and making other people unhappy. I had a lot of trouble taking negative feedback, and thought that I was never going to be able to get what I wanted because I didn’t deserve it. After completing my Purpose Well Being Plan with Andrea I felt a lot of the fear I was unconsciously experiencing just lift up and float away. I felt like everything resonated with me, that I was on the right track and that I was my own person who could complete my goals in my way. I suddenly understood a lot about myself, and realized what I’ve always needed to do in order to thrive, grow and easily achieve my dreams. I now know I can easily study, organise, have fantastic relationships and enjoy my life all at the same time. This is the greatest I’ve felt about my future in years, and I feel totally sure and confident and centered.
Thank you Andrea for this gift you have given me.
Louis Dooner

“I was fortunate enough to receive the holistic purpose plan session from Andrea Sun – an awesome overview.
I loved the various modalities coming together to bring wisdom in different ways to help support me to see where my gifts and strengths lie, for my path and direction.
Also to see the weaker areas that I need to strengthen. It was a very interesting mix of information coming together.
What I really liked was tuning into the sacral, that was just a nice little tool and technique for intuition.
It was great. I loved it.Thank you.”
by Fiona Mackillop
Qi Gong Teacher, Wellbeing Facilitator, Healer

Last Friday, I attended to Andrea Sun- “Individual #Holistic Purpose Plan” program, and the insights were amazing. I’m glad I did it!
***Your best ASSET is YOU.***
I’ve been searching for clarity on my purpose in life for a while, and now I am even more clear.
Andrea helped me to #decode my personality: #purpose#gifts, #wellness, and energetic triggers so I can take actions that are aligned with my #soulpurpose, and consequently find the #fulfilment that I am looking for.
I feel an urge need to #DOMORE for myself and for others, and my blog – is the FIRST STEP.


I can’t wait to meet you online and support you to get PAID to do what you love & born for…
If this is you….
and are ready to find an easier, sustainable way that works for YOU, and work with an Intuitive Coach that “gets you”…

Much love Andrea 
Intuitive Purpose Coach & Acupuncturist (worldwide)
Ph: (+61 7) 3106 7226