Worldwide or In-Person, Brisbane Clinic

One-on-One Introductory Pellowah Empowerment Healing

75minutes Pellowah Empowerment Healing = only $130 (valued $194)



One-on-One 3x Pellowah Empowerment Healings Discount Package:

3x 75 minute Pellowah Empowerment Healings= only $440 (valued $582)

“I personally believe vibrational medicine, like Pellowah, will play a significant roll in the 21st century, because it seems to rejuvenate the soul of a person where imbalances first start, mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually.  It seems to fast track clearing fears, genetic family patterning,  and help a person deeply trust themselves, their intuition and maintain more emotionally stability admist chaos around them”   by Andrea Sun

Do you want to go from “struggle and self doubt” to “confidence & more ease”?

Would you like to feel more calm and confident, even when theres chaos around you?


Pellowah Empowerment Healing Course: Level 1: Saturday 7 April 2018 – (8 hrs) (Brisbane, Australia)

Pellowah Healing is 100% pure energy from the Source of Life.
Safe- simple- non-touch- fully clothed- transformative- anyone can do it!

That’s your intuition talking and it KNOWS
what you need to thrive in life!

Main Benefits People Report:

  • feel centred, new lightness & a fresh new perspective on challenges
  • with regular healings: many people feel a relaxed, positive wellbeing that seems to last for weeks or months
  • improves self confidence & trust in yourself
  • shifts fears and limiting patterns
  • calms the mind
  • unlocks & aligns all meridians
  • handle setbacks with more ease, grace & flow
  • feel clearer, decisive and focused
  • feel more balanced physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually

Other Benefits:

  • Give healings to your family, friends or pets for the rest of your life and support them to thrive
  • Or swap healings for FREE for the rest of your life and never have to pay for a healing again!
  • 8 CPE (continuing professional education) points
  • receive a pallowah healing certificate level 1

Level 1:*

Only $385 (& receive $11.55 cashback & shopping pts!)
Payment plan: 3x $141 (& receive $12.69 Cashback)



Manual, certificate, morning & afternoon tea & snacks, BYO Lunch & meeting some wonderful, positive like-minded people!


Pellowah Empowerment Healing Course: Level 2: Sunday 8 April 2018 – (8 hours) (Brisbane, Australia)

This is a simple, empowering, natural way to magnetise your personal or professional goals with ease eg. heath, relationships, finances, meaningful career

  • discover more energy, enthusiasm, purpose, feel deeper trust in your true self and intuition
  • empowers you to fully take charge of your life and make positive, decisive steps in alignment with your true gifts and potential
  • You’ll receive a Pellowah Healing Level 2 Attunement that enables you to connect with your True Self and your Life Purpose (similar to having 100 Pellowah Healings)

This is a deep empowerment shift.
With this connection you can then bring that higher energy and consciousness into your every day life.

Level 2:*

Only $495 (& receive $14.85 Cashback & Shopping Points!)
Payment plan: 1x $200, 2x $172 (& $16.31 cashback)



Manual, certificate, morning & afternoon tea & snacks, BYO Lunch & meeting some wonderful, positive like-minded people!


Optimise Your Goals

Pellowah Empowerment Healing Course: Level 1 & 2: Saturday 7 April- Sunday 8 April 2018 (Brisbane, Australia) 

Make Professional & Personal decisions more aligned with your Intuition, True Self & Life Purpose… and STAY on track?

I recommend: Complete both Level 1 & 2: only $880 ( & receive $26.40 Cashback & Shopping Points!)
Payment Plan: 4x $200, 1x $167


“Magnetise your Goals With Ease Package”

with Pellowah Empowerment Attunements: Level 1 & 2 & Magnetic Confidence Meditation (individually designed for you)

From $120.00

Whats unique about Andrea Sun’s Pellowah Empowerment Healing Courses?

  • 16yrs experience Teaching Pellowah Healing, and 27yrs experience as a Sustainable Health & Manifesting Trainer, Acupuncturist and teaching Qigong Classes
  • Optimal Performance & Health Coaching for attracting your goals, and Qigong exercise to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical health.  Plus focus your mind, breath and body so you perform at your best.
  • REPEAT any of my Pellowah Empowerment Healing Courses: Level 1 & 2 for only 25% of the fee
  • FAST TRACK your professional/personal goals: with regular Pellowah Empowerment Attunements 1-2 x p/mth
  • FREE Pellowah Empowerment Healing private Facebook group to stay in touch with others and swop free healings regularly when you feel inspired
  • This is a certificate course, so you will be given Level 1 and Level 2 certificates, which enables you to give professional healings to the public, to support your current modalities and amplify your client results.  If this interests you let me know, as I recommend doing some practice case studies prior to this.

I personally guarantee you’ll receive significant benefit from these courses. If you swop a minimum of 6 healings after the course, and you don’t feel it has been of benefit to you, you can repeat the next Pellowah course for FREE, so you DO benefit!