Rejuvenating your Confidence & Wellness Throughout Life (1-1)


by reclaiming your time, improving your energy & relationships

VIP One-on-One Discounted Packages

(from 2- 4 x sessions per month)

(Ongoing Subscription- 3months minimum

In this fast paced world, many people are running on adrenaline, stimulants, instead of real energy. And as we age, we often need more time to replenish ourselves. For optimal long term results, I recommend you commit to six months or more to enable you to re-learn new daily habits, and support your rejuvenation process of your body, mind and heart…

Confidence Skype Coaching Package (worldwide)


Confidence Coaching/Acupuncture/Healing/Access Bars Combination Package (In Person in Brisbane, Australia)

from 2-4 sessions p/month



Your challenges:

You are OVER this…

  • It’s challenging to stay focused on your own goals….
  • because you find it hard to say ‘no’ or maintain healthy boundaries with family, friends or at work
  • You often feel drained, especially when others are stressed
  • There’s too much on your plate, and there’s not enough time for you
  • Perhaps you feel you don’t know who you are anymore or somethings missing
  • This has probably impacted on your confidence, health or joy!

Your package includes:

  • one-on-one individualised skype sessions
  • from 2-4 sessions per month (60 minutes each)
  • pre-session email check in, per session
  • weekly homeplay for rebuilding confidence habits
  • An individually designed “Confidence & WellBeing Meditation” to listen to several times a day on your phone (to support you to stay focused on your goal every day)

We’ll work together with you to rejuvenate your confidence so that you can:

  • Clarify 1x professional & 1 x personal goal that you would like to achieve
  • I will support you to stay focused and on track, and magnetise your goal with more ease
  • Clarify what’s important to you, to prioritise your time
  • Say no to others, without feeling guilty
  • let go of past hurts, beliefs, fears or doubts that may be stopping you
  • take care of yourself, your wellbeing and have time for you
  • improve your relationships with family, friends and work colleagues
  • restore your energy when one of your relationships has thrown you off centre
  • connect with your unique talents and your “hot” buttons that will nourish and energise you
  • Learn to nourish and optimise your energy & wellbeing
  • Bridge any scars from operations/sunspots, that could be blocking your healthy channel circulation and energy (for Brisbane appts only).

Your investment:

from $299 per month – save $96 (3 months minimum)

* Postage for sprays additional for those outside Australia.

** Sessions can be: via Skype internationally
OR in-person at my Brisbane centre, Australia.
(In-person sessions may also include: acupuncture, scar bridging, access bars, healing or massage, if needed)

Plus Cashback & Shopping Points

If you’d like long term results and to learn how to maintain that….

I’d love to work with you in my VIP One-On-One Confidence Programme

ALL VIP Packages receive:

essenceFREE Bonus: (valued $96)

Receive FREE *2 x Holistic essence Sprays to optimise your confidence and maintain your energy around stressed people.  These sprays last 10-12 months, giving you on-going daily support at home/work.  Includes post/packing in Australia.  (If outside Australia: postage for sprays is additional)

Just click here to schedule a FREE 1/2hr no obligation chat to get to know each other better, answer any questions you may have and see whether we are a good fit…


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