sustainable wellness and energy

What’s YOUR “Easier Wellness and Energy Zone”?


I will teach YOU how to build Yin-Yang Sustainable Wellness and Energy that WORKS for YOU…


 (simple- practical – productive- easy – fun)


Perhaps you might be experiencing?…

Feeling depleted?

Can’t concentrate?

Niggling Health Issues?

Run down and often getting the flu?



Arm pain?

Menstrual or Menopause problems?

Don’t sleep well?

Neck & shoulder ache after the computer?

Digestive Issues?

Depleted after an operation?

Haven’t been right since your operation?

Slow healing of injuries?




There’s NOT one size that fits all.

We are all unique, and what may work for your friend, may not work for you… for the long term…


I look at your genetic medical history, child birthing & menstrual history, medication, operations, scars, injuries, combined with my intuitive skills…

and use a unique combination of up to 12x holistic modalities (according to what you need and want).


Worldwide  (zoom video) and In-Person, Brisbane Clinic

  • Wellness/Purpose Intuitive Transformational Coaching
  • Individual Magnetic Meditation
  • Holistic Self-Care and Empowerment
  • Treating symptoms and root causes
  • Qi Gong Chinese Exercise Therapy
  • Acupressure, Reiki Healing
  • Pellowah Empowerment Healing
  • Diet, Lifestyle, Menstrual balance, Emotional balance


Brisbane, Australia (In-Person)

OR I can travel to you by arrangement

  • Treating symptoms and root causes
  • Acupuncture Scar Bridging – eg. cessarian scars, hysterectomy, operations, sunspots, cosmetic surgery etc. (clearing blocked channels and rejuvenation)
  • Acupuncture, Access Bars, Reiki Healing, Remedial Massage, Qi Gong Exercise Therapy, Pellowah Empowerment Healing
  • Save money with Health Rebates for Acupuncture, Remedial Massage

One-on-One Introductory Sessions:

(worldwide via zoom video OR In person-  brisbane clinic)


Minimum: 1 hour =  only $130 (valued $155)


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Recommended: 1.5 hours = only $188 (valued $230)



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One-on-One Transformation Discount Packages (worldwide)


Packages availiable from 6 hours upwards: from only $850 (or $145 per week or fortnight)

Not sure which programme is best for you?


Let’s have a FREE 15 minute no obligation chat to clarify any questions you have, and to see if we’d be a good fit…