Nourish your fear & bladder channel, and receive more in 2017

Therapeutic Acu-Pressure Massage Bed & Meditation Brisbane Clinic, Australia

  • stiff back or legs or body?
  • need to let go and physically relax your body?
  • need a good therapeutic-back massage at a good price?

Health & WellBeing Benefits:

Twin Acu-pressure rollers that massage all the Acupressure Points from your feet to your head (along the bladder channel- which is connected to “fear”- so when you “relax & nourish your fear”, you will start to feel “supported, courageous and confident” at work and home.

1x 30 minute session = $40 (& $1.20 cashback)


If you enjoy this, then you can put this towards a discounted package of:

3x 30 minute sessions= $110 (& $ 3.30 cashback)

6x 30 minute sessions = $199 (& $5.97 cashback)