allyI came to see Andrea, because I was feeling stuck. I felt I needed to take life to the next level- financially, emotionally and with my physical health.

Relationships used to be a difficult area in my life before, now it feels people who I need in my life appear easily. If I put out what I want my ideal romantic partner to be… I am happy to see what comes back to me. Or my dream job. I’ve already had so much success. I never really believed I could have a job in my dream field or could support myself fully.

“I felt really blocked, and that I would have to be living off my parents for the rest of my life. I’ll never get a job in my dream field. I’m not an incompetent individual, I got into Oxford University in the UK to do masters. I’m more confident. Now I have an amazing job, great $$$, colleagues are going out of their way to give me extra hours and more money- work is easy, I help people and I like it.

I’m fundamentally on a path to treat myself better than I have ever treated myself before. I’m a very loving person, and found it hard throughout my life to love myself as much as others. Now that I’m more in tune with my own wants and needs, it seems like everything around me is responding to that and to who I really am- nourishing and loving of myself. I’m not perfect, still a long way to go, little differences having a big effect.

I am less anxious, and enjoying life more, and a lot more confident.
I don’t feel stuck in my life any more- mentally got rid of a huge burden- things are flowing
Relationships- just feel closer to people in my life and new people are coming in to my life
Subtle shifts I’ve experienced that are making a cumulative difference

I really like that Andrea customises the treatment to my individual needs. She works with my own intuition a lot. I like to integrate coaching into other modalities, I have never experienced that before eg. Coaching & Acupuncture. It felt like it doubled the experience for me. I’m getting more for my money and time. Andrea is very optimistic, warm, flexible and provides a welcoming environment. She cares. She’s invested in her clients and she’s provides a comfortable environment to make a partnership with me.