katrinaI came to see Andrea Sun as my relationship was going through difficulties.  I was feeling uncertain, hurt, mistrust, confusion re direction of the relationship and my 2 kids.  Plus my relationship with my Mum has been quite challenging over many many years.   Plus, I wanted Cashback too!

My biggest breakthrough over the last 13months, has been the way I look at things now. I am able to look at relationships differently and what I do want and what I don’t want.  What has changed, is that I am now starting to believe that things or people will come to me when I will need them.

I had the best holiday with my Mum in 20yrs, and she really enjoyed herself too and was on a bit a high. She passed away 2weeks later on from a chronic heart condition. When she died, I felt no regrets.  I felt sad, but peaceful and felt there was completion for us.

The tangible results I have experienced is financial security and better relationships. I received a gift of $6000, another freehold home and car, and the mortgage is paid out. My husband has benefited too, he has moved out, and feeling capable with his household skills and doing work that he had always wanted.

I am feeling more confident and more happier where my life is going, as before it was a pretty horrible time. There’s a parting through the clouds, where I can see finally where I am going in most areas of my life, with my husband, career & work. I was going to start a personal training business because I HAD to for financial reasons, but now I can do it because I want to.

My body image viewpoint is improving, and l feel a more positive feeling, and am looking at it in a different perspective.

The way I handle stress has changed. I feel more relaxed about what’s going to happen and not trying to control it as much. I have learnt to now enjoy my own company.

As a single mum I have to do it all myself. Previously I had to have someone around to feel good, and now I don’t.

What is unique about Andrea’s sessions is that she helps me look at my situation, differently. She gives me the faith that I can make things happen. lt’s a type of nourishing mentoring, but not telling me what to do. When I committed to the package, it was a pretty horrible time in my life. I was feeling uncertain about how to pay the bills, but I really wanted to improve my life, so I went into trust and faith and decided the money was there and then I received an unexpected $6000 gift from my mother!  Thankyou Andrea.