Jules has a lot more confidence than she’s ever had & knows she CAN do her own business…

“My challenges were direction and confidence”

I had no idea what I wanted to do, and why I was here.


My major benefits were: the holistic purpose & wellness plan, direction and clarity.


What I learnt was, “I am allowed”


My biggest breakthrough was direction and new ideas.

My 90 day goal was to have our business sold/merged. That hasn’t quite got there yet, but I’m confident that will come.


People have been coming to me out of the blue

and wanting me to help them business wise.


One of the good things I got out of it, was what our strengths and weaknesses are.

I was always feeling like I was running around directionless, but now I know a strength is I can multi task.


My results are I’ve got a lot more confidence than I’ve ever had and I CAN do my own business, cause I’m allowed.


I liked the Holistic Purpose & Wellness Plan written down summary, and look at it all the time and what my strengthens are.

I liked the interaction of stories- working in pairs, everybody has a different perspective, and it was an eye opener.

Love the Qi Gong exercises and interested to learn more.


I feel this programe has been 100% beneficial to me in my business & life.


by Jules

PT Business Owner & FT Employee