test1I have been a client of Andrea Sun’s for a number of years. She has successfully treated my ailments of both physical and emotional. Besides her healing, knowledge and helping people achieve results at the most vulnerable moments in our life journey with compassion and an open heart she has been a god sent.

Having developed arthritis after many years of massaging clients.      It was more than arthritis in my fingers and wrists, it was also my thought patterns which Andrea Sun helped me acknowledge.  She was able to get rid my arthritis within a few months of treatment, the pain the stiffness and the sudden lock up of my fingers were gone.

Then a sudden onset of deafness in my right ear, which is a rare condition, doctor’s and specialists didn’t know much about it. As you can imagine my whole life was turned upside down.  I lost my business and who I was.

I visited Andrea with deafness, vertigo, and depression, thinking of never hearing again. Her healing hands , her heart felt techniques and  the care and compassion she also gave was exactly what I needed to believe and face what needed to be faced, with deafness, depression and loss feeling.

It was going to be a tough journey! Again my thought patterns and conditioning were all wrong and it was time for me to let it all go and pay attention to me.

After the first treatment I had acupuncture, pellowah and coaching, I heard a popping sensation in my deaf ear, but I was still deaf. It wasn’t until the next day i could hear again.

Life has been amazing this day my whole life has turned around significantly, I am more positive and live life to the fullest like it was the last. Fell pretty hard, learnt a lot along the way. I thank you Andrea Sun for never giving up on me not just my physical conditions , my well being on how to shine and keep shinning.

I now have clarity in life to have a successful lifestyle business, enjoying my family and friends to the fullest, taking the negative things out of my life, and I will keep on working on myself on all levels of my being, my experience has opened my eyes wider. You could say I am fully awake. Everything is as it should be now.

Thank you for your professionalism, treatments and support throughout my toughest years as a beautiful spiritual being that you are.

Astrid Rendon
Skin Technician/owner of Skin & You Beauty