VIP One-on-One Discounted Subscription Packages (4 months minimum)

If you’re OVER losing your time, energy or confidence in relating to others professionally & personally…


would like optimal long term results and learn how to maintain that daily... then I’d love to work with YOU…

Choose between 2x VIP One-on-One Packages:

1) Confidence/WellBeing Coaching Package (worldwide)- by video Skype or zoom
includes Meditation & Chinese Exercise Therapy


2) Confidence Coaching/Acupuncture/Healing/Access Bars/Massage/Chinese Exercise Therapy Combination Package
(In Person- Redhill, Brisbane Clinic, Australia)


Your challenges:

You are OVER this… and ready for change…

  • It’s challenging to stay focused on your own goals….
  • because you find it hard to say ‘no’ or maintain healthy boundaries with family, friends or at work
  • You often feel drained, especially when others are stressed
  • There’s too much on your plate, and there’s not enough time for you
  • Perhaps you feel you don’t know who you are anymore or somethings missing
  • This has probably impacted on your confidence, health, joy or fulfilment!

You’ll receive:

  • Clarify 1x professional & 1 x personal goal that you would like to achieve
  • support you to stay focused and on track, and magnetise your goals with more ease
  • clarify what’s important to you, to prioritise your time
  • say no to others, without feeling guilty
  • let go of past hurts, beliefs, fears or doubts that may be stopping you
  • take care of yourself, your wellbeing and have time for you
  • improve your relationships with family, friends, clients and work colleagues
  • restore your energy when one of your relationships has thrown you off centre
  • connect with your unique talents and your “hot” buttons that will nourish and energise you throughout life
  • learn to nourish and optimise your energy & wellbeing
  • bridge scars from caesarian, hysterectomy or other operations, that could be blocking your healthy channel circulation and energy  (for Brisbane appts only).

I recommend you consider committing to eight months or morefor optimal consistency!


ALL packages include:

  • one-on-one individualised sessions adjusted to your needs and goals
  • Packages from 1.5 to 5.5 hours per month Package (depending on what you need or prefer)
  • 1/2 hour of email/phone support when you need it for ‘In-Between sessions”.
  • This includes:
    • pre & post post session email
    • email support (as needed)
    • 10 minute phone support chat (as needed) on Tuesday–Saturday only (10-5pm)


You are not alone.  I care.

Extra Support In- between sessions, if you need it (Optional):

If you’ve used all your package hours for the month and need extra support, just email me to book an appointment at my VIP discounted price for 1 hour and 1/2 hour.  

“I’ve needed support. Someone else that can help me on my journey, and has my greater good at heart. As a business woman living on my own, I need balance, to have someone else there to help me balance in a positive moving forward journey. To help also to be there for when I’ve had disasters, and when I’ve had really big business challenges and personal challenges, that I have someone that I can ring up, that I can email, that I can book an appointment and move through those challenges. That’s very important for me, because it helps me in my journey. Someone that can help me conquer them, maybe I don’t have them again, or maybe I do better next time, at least I am in a positive frame of mind.” by Gai O’Brien (VIP client)


ALL VIP Packages receive: 3x extra support bonuses:

Daily Bonus 1): FREE 2 x Holistic Confidence/WellBeing Sprays* (valued at $96- including post/packaging)

essenceThis helps optimise your confidence, clear fears, clear family tree patterning and maintain your optimal energy around others, especially stressed family or friends. These sprays last 10-12 months, giving you on-going daily support at home/work. Includes post/packing in Australia.
*If outside Australia: postage for sprays is additional


*Daily Bonus 2):  “Magnetic-Confidence/WellBeing Meditation/s”, created by Andrea Sun: (value: priceless!) 

meditateIndividually designed meditations for your specific goals.  These are recorded on your mobile phone to listen to several times a day to support you to stay focused on your goals and magnetise them with more ease!


*Regular 4 monthly Bonus 3): “Confidence/WellBeing Review” for optimal long term results (value: priceless learning!)

andrea2Every 4 months, your last session is a 1 hour One-on-One with Andrea.

For optimal results, we chart the specific results you have achieved in the last 4 months:

  • What results have you received?
  • Learnings?
  • whats your “hot button that fuels your confidence?”
  • what doesn’t work for you?
  • what could be improved?
  • what is your top priority or goals for the next 4 months or more?
  • how I can support you to achieve this with the most ease?
  • you can choose to upgrade, downgrade, discontinue  or continue on the same package

Your investment:

from $225 per month  (save $123)

If you’re ready, I’d love to work with you… just click here to book for a:

FREE 1/2hr Clarity Conversation to ascertain what would serve you the best