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“Andrea’s 5 minute Qigong Immune-Energiser” video

(exclusively taught by Andrea Sun)


Qigong means “working with the Vital Life Force”.

Qigong is an ancient chinese health exercise dating back 5000yrs in china.

It has been known to strengthen physical, mental and emotional health.

It supports you to focus your mind, breath and body to work together.


This powerful, easy-to-learn video is designed for everyone, and no previous experience is required.  I was asking for a way I could practically support as many people as possible around the world during these challenging and changing COVID-19 times, and here it is!

It is a collaborative effort and includes the most essential Qigong  exercises to strengthen your healthy immunity, energy and positive focus, so you can take charge of your healthy immunity every day.

Plus provide support for all those amazing health care professionals caring for others, and those in self-isolation.


This includes:

*Qigong warmups to move your Qi, clear congestion and stress

*Boosting your healthy immunity and energy

*Nourishing your blood (which supports healthy organs, channels, sleep, menstruation, mental and emotional health)

*Soothing your nervous system (with self-massage)

*Boosting your vitality (with dantain breathing)

*Strengthening all 5 chinese medicine organ systems for immunity

*Strengthening your lung Qi (for increasing breathing capacity, clear thinking and adjustment to changes)

*Stengthening your kidney and adrenal Qi (for transforming fear to courage, building energy, longevity, calm and clarity)


Please email me if you would like to be informed as soon as it is released for sale…



I can’t wait to support you to build abundant, healthy Qi!

Andrea x

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